Cardiologist warns: This level of low blood pressure is a sign that you are threatened with a heart attack

Photo: Profimedia

Elevated blood pressure in certain positions can be a signal that a heart attack is approaching, experts warn.

If you already suffer from high blood pressure, you probably measure this parameter for the health of your blood vessels on a daily basis, and now experts warn that this should be done especially when you get up from a sitting or lying position.

People whose pressure "jumps" when they straighten up or become more at risk of heart attack, reports "Hypertension" magazine. This is especially true for younger and middle-aged patients.
A significant increase in blood pressure when you get up may be a sign that you are at greater risk of more serious cardiovascular events, such as a heart attack. In most cases, when we get up or straighten up and measure the pressure with the appliance, the upper pressure will drop slightly. But if the lower blood pressure gets a higher value, it means that you are threatened with a heart attack.

The study, published in this journal, included 1.207 patients aged 18 to 45 years who were diagnosed with first-stage high blood pressure, with 140 to 159 in the upper and 90 to 100 in the lower. The study found that those whose lower blood pressure was highest when getting up, they had twice the risk of a serious heart problem than the rest of the group.

"This finding confirms our initial suspicion that high blood pressure in young people is important for diagnosis. We were surprised that even a very small jump in pressure could be an indicator of danger. "We hope this finding will open the door to therapy for patients with high blood pressure, even if they are young." Dr. Paolo Palatini from the University of Padua. K. А.



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