Cardiologist warns: Don't ignore this subtle symptom that could indicate heart disease

Photo: Profimedia

Most people don't want to go to the doctor. There are probably other ways we want to spend our free time, and besides, it's not pleasant to wonder or think about whether everything is okay with our health, writes "Parade".

However, when it comes to heart health, we can never be too careful. Like that, cardiologist Dr. Shannon Winacur she discovered one symptom which many people ignore and which can indicate heart problems or disease.

Dr. Winakur claims that one of the symptoms that many people do not take seriously enough is chest discomfort. She notes that this symptom may seem harmless, but it's a sign that we need to see a cardiologist.

Dr. Winakur points out that chest discomfort can often be confused with indigestion, but in fact, it can be a symptom of heart disease.

- I have had patients and family members who believed they had "indigestion" but were diagnosed with a heart attack after seeking medical attention for their symptoms - said Dr. Winakur for "Parad".

She explains that a feeling of discomfort in the chest is a classic symptom of heart disease and is the result of blockage of the heart's arteries.

Dr. Winakur also adds that, unfortunately, patients do not always survive these "hidden heart attacks", which is why it's always best to be sure and see a doctor when you feel something is wrong.



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