Karapejovski from ZNAM: We will provide employment to the best 200 students and scholarships

It is planned that the salaries of teachers and professors will increase up to 100% of the current ones.

The holder of the list of candidates for MPs in IE 1, Boban Karapejovski, said at today's press conference that in the program of the Movement KNOW - For our Macedonia for the parliamentary elections, called "Proclamation for dignified Macedonia", one of the priorities is education and science, which are essential for building a strong and prosperous state.

- In the Proclamation for dignified Macedonia of the ZNAM Movement - For our Macedonia, we predicted two segments: increasing the dignity of employees in education and science and setting up a new system, which will bring this sector back into focus and help create a functionally literate and highly trained staff, as well as deepening scientific research - said Karapejovski.

He said that it is planned that the salaries of teachers and professors will increase up to 100% of the current ones.

- And that is the least we can do to restore the teacher's reputation and attract the best to be our children's teachers - emphasized Karapejovski.

He emphasizes that the best students will be provided with scholarships in the amount of 500 euros per month, and for the best two hundred students employment in the scientific and institutions of the system.

-Party employment must stop! The party card must not be a condition for employment. Universities and state institutions should have the best working for the best for all of us. We need a young scientist immediately, as well as a revision of the conditions and an increase in the quality of the accredited universities, which multiply at every step and do not provide quality - he said.

Karapejovski said that curricula and plans will be aligned with modern technologies and achievements and clarified that a system will be built that will encourage creative, analytical and logical thinking among students, but also encourage creativity in the field of business and financial education.

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