The presidential candidates are eager to debate and reluctant to face the cameras

Presidential candidates: Stevco Jakimovski, Biljana Vankovska, Maxim Dimitrievski and Arben Taravari/Photo: Sloboden Pechat/Dragan Mitreski

Most of the presidential candidates expressed their outrage that there was no debate and confrontation between all the candidates, as is usual, so that citizens could hear the main points of their programs in one place, which would help them make their choice on Wednesday, the day of the vote. So far, only the presidential candidates Arben Taravari from the Vredi Coalition and Bujar Osmani from the European Front have publicly faced each other on the show.

- The lack of a debate in this presidential campaign is happening for the first time and it is a shame for Macedonian democracy. It will have a serious impact on turnout because practically someone is trying to make the campaign and the election of the president unattractive. I think that this is part of the scenario for electing a president in the Parliament, that is, whoever is in power will also give the president, that is, as a result of party-political bargaining, which will be extremely harmful for the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, why will the president be an unstable office when the government falls and the president of the country falls. On the contrary, we should have stable functions, and that is always the president of the country, says the candidate of the "Brave for Macedonia" coalition Stevco Jakimovski for "Sloboden Pechat".

– We expected that there would be some culmination of what you do individually in various places with a public confrontation and we expected at least two, one somewhere at the beginning and this on national television, which would be by definition. What personally irritates me is that one of the favorites says from the public stage that I am ready, ready for a debate, but there are no candidates. To say that among six others you don't find anyone to sit with is not correct, reacts Biljana Vankovska, a candidate from the Left for president of the state.

The presidential candidate from the Vredi Coalition, Arben Taravari, is still waiting for confirmation if there will be a debate on national television on Sunday and adds that it is certain that the opponent Bujar Osmani has already announced that he will not attend.

- It would be nice because we insisted that somehow a date was found for all of us to be together. Now how exactly they will be in the debate, I don't know, but I am ready to face all our arguments, facts that we have in our programs, says Taravari for "Free Press".

With much smaller budgets, the presidential candidates from the smaller parties and coalitions in the opposition have no choice but to move among the citizens, and present the party programs in such an immediate way.

- We are running an immediate and modest campaign. The other opponents are at a great media advantage. They are on television, in advertisements, at rallies, and we, as a new political entity, are among the citizens. The reception is very good and that encourages me a lot as a candidate, because I think that things in the country can change fundamentally in these elections and will never be the same again, the candidate for president of the country Maksim Dimitrievski from the Movement says to "Sloboden Pechat". For our Macedonia" (I KNOW).

During the pre-election campaign, the current president and candidate of the SDSM, Stevo Pendarovski and Gordana Siljanovska Davkova from VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition, called for a debate from the platform of the party rallies, but so far they have not appeared to debate in a television studio even though they are considered favorites of the presidential elections. elections, among which the winner will be chosen in the second round of the elections on May 8, when the parliamentary elections will also be held.

By the way, a two-hour TV debate on the national MRT service is scheduled for Sunday at 20.15:XNUMX p.m.

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