SDSM MP candidates at meetings with representatives of the business sector in Ohrid

SDSM MP candidates at meetings with representatives of the business sector in Ohrid/Photo: MIA

The holder of the electoral list of the SDSM for the fifth constituency, Jovan Mitreski, and the candidates for MPs from Ohrid, today had working meetings with representatives of the local business sector in the city, where they discussed the support of the companies foreseen in the election program of the Coalition for European future.

As Mitreski explained, the fact that SDSM and the Coalition care about the citizens is confirmed by the fact that even in the biggest energy crisis, the citizens did not feel a lack of energy, provided by wise policies.

- In the next mandate, we guarantee an increase in total domestic energy production by at least 70 percent, we increase the capacity of energy from renewable sources by at least one hundred percent, and a million citizens will receive electricity from renewable sources, said Mitreski.

He pointed out that an increase in subsidies from MKD 80 to one hundred thousand is planned for each household, and at the same time a ban on the construction of new small hydropower plants will be introduced.

- We continue to support businesses, through 180 million euros of direct financial support to domestic companies for investments in production and 3,5 billion euros in capital investments. We guarantee a stable tax policy with zero percent personal income tax for the minimum wage, as well as 200 euros in the first year for each first employment of a person up to 26 years old, he said.

Mitreski also pointed out that the Program of the Coalition for the European Future foresees more investments of over 2,7 billion euros for the modernization of the infrastructure in all municipalities, which is a prerequisite for a growing economy and a higher standard of living.

- Only with a good plan, knowledge and skill can we move forward, so you should cast your vote for the Plan for the European Future, because we know how to ensure a better future for everyone, said Mitreski from Ohrid.

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