Garbage trucks leave behind a smelly trail, there is no solution

Photo: Elena Veljanovska

The "Communal hygiene" PE claims that the only way to prevent these occurrences is for citizens to properly pack biodegradable waste before throwing it in the containers and bins.

Scattered remnants of organic waste around the containers, trucks of the public utility "Communal hygiene" from which liquids are drained on the streets from the rotten fruits and vegetables that the citizens had previously thrown out, the stench of rotten meat, rancid milk. This is the image that the people of Skopje have been facing during the summer for years. Citizens very often respond that when garbage is collected, regardless of whether it is cleaning individual garbage cans or containers, the trucks of the public company in charge of maintaining hygiene in the city constantly leak waste, which, in addition to it stinks unbearably bad at these high temperatures, it leaves traces on the streets and boulevards, but mostly around the waste receptacles because when collecting the garbage, the trucks stay mostly in those places.

Unfortunately, this kind of picture is not new at all, on the contrary, it is repeated every year, and the citizens and the authorities are just passing the ball to each other about who is to blame and who is not, for this situation on the ground. The situation is identical in all Skopje municipalities, and the citizens ask the authorities, if they cannot put an end to this phenomenon, at least to carry out regular washing and disinfection of waste containers, as well as on the streets, boulevards, and parking lots where there are Containers have also been placed in the places where the trucks of the "Communal Hygiene" PE pass, from which waste is drained, which spreads an unbearable stench.

- Every time the containers of "Komunalna" are emptied, swirls of smelly liquid are created around them. As the truck drives off, the same ooze continues to flow down the streets behind, leaving an unbearable stench of rot. It smells disgusting. Then no one bothers to come and wash. The liquid from the garbage is absorbed into the asphalt, and already during the next garbage collection, everything is repeated again. We make ourselves hotspots of infection. The huge stains around the containers show how aware we are as a nation when it comes to waste - comments a resident of Gjorche Petrov.

The "Communal hygiene" PE says that the main reason for this phenomenon, which has been going on for years, is the inappropriate way of storing waste by the population.

- JP "Communal hygiene" every year in the summer period is faced with the problem of inappropriate disposal of biodegradable waste (food scraps, mostly in liquid form) in containers and waste bins, which contributes to leakage from the special municipal vehicles intended for the transport of waste , for which we often have complaints from citizens. For the same reasons, an unpleasant smell spreads in the microlocations of the containers for waste disposal - say this public company.

From there, they claim that the only way to prevent these occurrences is the proper packaging of biodegradable waste before its disposal in containers.

- We appeal to the citizens to pack this type of waste in well-closed or double bags, in order to prevent it from leaking into the containers or into the special communal vehicles - appeals from PE "Communal Hygiene".

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