Camilla does not want to see Prince Charles for the wedding anniversary either

Photo: Instagram

The world public was recently shocked by the news that the 71-year-old Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, has been infected with the coronavirus. But although the prince from the coronavirus recovered in record time, which confused many, his wife Camilla Parker Balls still, just in case, does not want to see him, reports the Daily Mail.

Although her husband was positive for the virus, which he contracted in just seven days, Camilla is not infected, so she does her best to stay that way.

Both are currently isolated in Scotland, but live in different parts of their villa and have no physical contact.

- It is especially difficult for Prince Charles, especially because he and his girlfriend were supposed to celebrate their wedding anniversary, and now it will not be possible. They were supposed to mark their love with a big, luxurious party, and that will not happen now. Camilla is separated from him and does not want to have any contact because he was positive for the coronavirus and she was not. The home has six bedrooms, so it successfully stands at a distance from it, revealed Phil Dampier, the royal family expert.

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