Pomegranate, a fruit precious as a ruby: Here's what you can use it for except in the diet

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Pomegranate is a fruit rich in small seeds that work wonders for our body. In the winter months, this fruit is more than welcome on our table.

In addition to being rich in many vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and other valuable ingredients, pomegranate is a natural weapon against viruses and colds, and is one of the best fruits to boost immunity.

Apart from being a fruit, you can use it for many other purposes. Here are three of them.

Pomegranate jelly

If you want to inspire your family with a different and bombastic dessert full of vitamins, pomegranate jelly is the right choice. Squeeze the juice of one pomegranate fresh, mix it with a little sugar and gelatin and leave it in deep bowls to harden. You will be surprised how much the taste will refresh you.

pomegranate / Profimedia
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Pomegranate peel tea

If you have a stomach ache or bloating, a cold or have problems with the digestive tract, this tea is really healing. When peeling the pomegranate, do not throw away the bark. Collect them in a sachet and let them dry naturally. Whenever you have a digestive problem, pour a liter of water into a pot, put a few pomegranate peels and make tea. Drink it at intervals of 6 hours during a day and you will notice a difference.

Pomegranate balsamic

If you want an unusual taste of your dishes with spicy balsamic, this is a great suggestion for you. Put a liter of vinegar in a glass bowl and chop two large pomegranates in it. Cover with a lid and leave for 30 days in a dry and cool place. Then strain the vinegar and store it in a glass bottle. You will have an indispensable spice for all your salads.

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