Kalin Ivanovski has a slight drop in the ATP list

Macedonian tennis player Kalin Ivanovski/photo: mtftennis.mk

Three Macedonian tennis players have an individual rank this week as well ATP list and while Kalin Ivanovski и Gorazd Srbljak have the same number of points, with a slight drop in the list, Obrad Markovski which has two points less than last week (now has four) has dropped by 169 places and is in 1328th place.

With 160 points, Ivanovski is ranked 330th (a drop of two places), and Srbljak, with nine points, is eight positions behind and is in 1100th place.

In the doubles competition, only Ivanovski has a jump of four places and with 79 points is ranked 631st.

Markovski also has a drop of 81 places in this ranking and with 21 points or four less than the previous week is ranked at 1219 position. Berg Bugaric has 16 points and is in 1339th place (down by nine positions), while Eldin Huseinovic with three points it is ranked in 2048th place (a drop of 13 positions).

From the Macedonian tennis players, Srbljak will perform this week at the futures in Zlatibor, and Shendrit Deary in Pazardzhik. Both tournaments will be played for a prize pool of $25.000.

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