What are the zodiac signs when they are sick?

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Astrology, although a pseudo-science, is often very accurate, and if it is not, it is very entertaining. It affects our characteristics, behavioral patterns, and the things we want or do not want to do. It can also affect who we are when we have a seasonal illness like the common cold or the flu.

Have fun and check out what your zodiac sign does when it's sick


Do not ask anything to Aries when he is sick, just stay away. They pop like popcorn on questions like: did you measure your temperature, can I make you some tea and how do you feel?


The bull is not hypochondriac at all, but has an appropriate attitude towards his health. At the first sign of illness he will rush to the doctor for an examination and will be calm and steady.


The twins will call their boss early in the morning to inform him about his illness and inability to work. But already in the afternoon they will miraculously recover and use their free day to join their friends.

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Sick? Cancers are never sick. They always behave as if they are perfectly healthy and do not need medical help.


Are all over-the-counter vitamins and medications sold at your pharmacy sold out? They probably gathered the Lions. They want quick solutions from a pharmacy. They will do everything just not to go to the doctor.

The Maiden

The virgin will suffer for the whole collective or household. Fever, sore throat or inflamed sinuses will not stop her from doing her job, although she will feel terrible and will be silent about it.


When she is sick, Libra is restless. If you nail her to the bed, she will invent a thousand things to do and places to visit just so she does not have to worry about her health.


Scorpio is talking non-stop when it is sick. The mouth does not close. She will inform everyone who knows her about her sufferings.

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Did you prepare clean pajamas and hot tea for Sagittarius? So what are you waiting for? This zodiac sign wants your partner, parents or friends to treat him like a little baby.


Goodbye lives! When sick, Capricorns spend all day in bed. They do not have the will to go to the kitchen, let alone to the bathroom to perform the most basic hygiene.


Aquarius needs a lot of time to heal. Or is it just a great reason to be lazy. Who will tell you for sure?


Haven't you seen Pisces in a long time? She is probably in pain. Fish want to be isolated when they are sick because they do not want anyone to see them in that condition.

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