How does sleeping with socks on cold days affect the body?

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For some, the upcoming cold days also mean the opening of the season of sleeping in socks. There are conflicting opinions – some believe the move is bad for circulation, while a new study suggests otherwise.

Photo: Unsplash

Mar De Carlo, a sleep expert, believes there are several benefits to sleeping in socks during the winter. Socks can help people fall asleep faster and sleep longer through a process called distal vasodilation.

Some research has come to the conclusion that wearing socks during the night while we sleep increases the flow and circulation of blood in this part of the body.

Photo: Unsplash

One study involving a smaller number of subjects found that those who wore socks fell asleep about 7,5 minutes faster, slept 32 minutes longer and woke up 7,5 times less during the night than those who slept barefoot.

"Lower body temperatures are associated with sleepiness, and evidence suggests that using socks or other methods of warming the feet can lower body temperature and help us fall asleep faster," the experts said.

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