How does each zodiac sign deal with depression?

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Each of us in our own way struggles with difficult situations and depression in life, but the horoscope reveals some things that strangely connect the members of the various zodiac signs.


Aries will become aggressive and can "burst" for no reason. The members of this sign in depressive moments want to be surrounded by people, but those people, as a rule, do not want to be near him in those moments.


The bull will pass on his depression to others and will reassure them if necessary. And then he will take care of them the way he would like them to take care of him.


One of the best signs of depression. They will find a way to be constantly busy, socializing with their friends until the depression is over.


Cancers with a soft heart never underestimate the importance of good food, good crying and support from parents and friends - as in any life situation, even when struggling with depression.


This zodiac sign wants to be the center of attention, so it does in these moments, it wants everyone to comfort it. However, he will not give in to depression for a long time, he may organize a party or socializing with friends to cheer himself up.

The Maiden

The meticulous and organized virgins do not have time for depression because they are busy with other important things. They will convince themselves that their feelings are irrational and will try not to think much about them.


Libra will try to be surrounded by people as much as possible and be out of the house for a long time. Changing the environment, a weekend trip or hanging out with a loved one is the best and fastest way to fight depression.


The mysterious and charismatic Scorpio will indulge in depression and negative thoughts. After a while, like a phoenix, he will be reborn from his own ashes, learn something new about himself and come back stronger than ever.


Sagittarius will almost never admit to his loved ones that something is bothering him. The members of this zodiac sign, who are known for their great sense of humor and optimism, will find a way to cheer themselves up and will not give in to sadness and negative thoughts.


The goat will build its own defensive attitude and will distance itself from everyone. He can deny that he's nothing until he falls to the bottom. Capricorns are quite prone to depression.


The members of this sign really have a short fuse. Communication with strangers and colleagues will be minimized, and the culmination will be expressed on loved ones whom they will call for no reason.


Sensitive fish in this situation will begin to think that the whole world has turned against them. Anyone who disagrees with them simply does not understand them and does not know what it is like.

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