As if on tape, the MPs passed several laws this afternoon

Voting in the Assembly on the amendments to the Law on travel documents

This afternoon, the Assembly held several sessions during which several laws were passed. Within the framework of the 129th session, the Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services was adopted, following a shortened procedure with 64 votes "for", with none against and abstentions, as well as with the votes of 25 MPs from minority communities. With that, all items on the agenda of this session were exhausted.

Within the framework of the 138th session, the Draft Law on Justice for Children passed its first reading today, and within the framework of the 131st session, amendments to the Law on Copyright and Related Rights were voted on.

Within the framework of the 143rd session, the draft law on confiscation of property in civil proceedings, after abbreviated proceedings, was passed.

At the continuation of the 125th session, amendments to the Securities Law were adopted, after a shortened procedure, after which the President of the Assembly, Jovan Mitreski, stopped the work, and the continuation announced that it will be additionally scheduled.

Earlier, this afternoon, within the framework of the 145th session, the Assembly voted Abdush Demiri as a member of the State Election Commission, which completed the composition of the State Election Commission. The SEC was without its seventh member for several months, after Krenar Loga became the Minister of Justice.

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