What does an ideal woman look like according to Ivo Andrić: Most girls today forget a few important things

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"With the tastefully tailored and skilfully used folds of her dress, the woman won more men's hearts than with her nakedness and her free behavior. This is often forgotten by women and their tailors", said the great Ivo Andrić at one time.

Although it's been a long time since the era of Andric and pleated dresses, today there seem to be fewer and fewer tailors. Every day society progresses, modernizes and modernizes. Women have become independent, educated and equal, freely choosing their style of dress and expression. Although they still struggle for certain things, they seem to have achieved a lot in the last hundred years.

However, despite all the changes, it seems we may have gone too far.

Social networks, including Instagram, and modern society have introduced norms and patterns of behavior that they have imposed on us as a kind of dictatorship.

If we pay attention today, we will notice that many young women look almost identical, shaped according to the same mold. Even girls, choosing their toys, more and more often opt for dolls, which come with their unrealistic proportions – big breasts and too thin waist. We remember the time two to three decades ago, when a completely different aesthetic reigned. The most popular toy among girls of that era was the Barbie doll.

Unfortunately, there are now completely different standards of what an "ideal woman" should look like, dictated by unnatural and non-existent standards. Meanwhile, we are witnessing how more and more women feel the pressure to conform to these altered ideals of beauty.

Despite all these dramatic changes, it cannot be denied that we may have taken a step back rather than forward.

Sometimes we seem to take fashion terms too seriously, like "in", "out", "trendy", "must have", "highlight" and other English expressions that dominate articles about women. We often sacrifice comfort for fashion. We forget our true identity because of seasonal collections, forgetting that we existed before them and that we will exist after them. We must not be limited to our height, weight and the number on the clothing label.

All women know that inner beauty is important. The truth is that it is much more difficult to stand out with your intelligence and achievements.

Beauty is still an important part of every woman's life. However, it should not be degrading. It is time to rise above the instinctive need to attract attention with physical attributes and outward appearance alone.

It's time to sew a beautiful and flowing skirt that would highlight our femininity, as Andric says.

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