How is it possible that a new machine does not wash, the oven does not bake, and the air conditioner does not blow?

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A good part of the appliances for white goods showed their flaw the first time they were turned on, and after reporting the defect, citizens waited for days for the servicemen. Many were faced with improper installation of the product, and they were delivered a product of different quality than the one offered, according to OPM

Macedonian citizens struggle with new washing machines, stoves, inverter air conditioners and refrigerators. It is interesting that a good part of these appliances for white goods showed their flaw the very first time they were switched on, and after reporting the defect, citizens waited for days for servicemen. Many have faced improper installation of the product, and they were delivered a different quality product than the one offered!

- The most common problems of consumers with mobile phones, televisions and laptop computers are hidden defects, long waiting times for service and non-recognition of complaints. As for the furniture, the citizens specifically complained that the delivery deadline was not respected, and damaged furniture was also delivered to them - the Consumers' Organization told "Sloboden Pechat".

In recent years, citizens have become emboldened and oppose the utility companies. Hence, the high bills for electricity that consumers believe they did not use, as well as dissatisfaction with the supplied heat energy and water services, entered the total number of complaints to OPM for 2022. Complaints also poured in about telecommunication services, where dissatisfaction was noted about the reduced speed of the Internet, disconnection of television channels and network failures. OPM experts also noted that last year there was a significant number of complaints about tourist services (cancelled tourist engagements and dissatisfaction with received tourist services), service services and education services. In total, from January to December last year, 1.140 consultations were carried out, of which 51 percent were electronic, 41 percent were by phone, and 8 percent were on the OPM Facebook profile.

-Last year, for the first time, electronic reports exceeded telephone calls - 59 percent. In every respect, the citizens of Skopje are the most active and last year we received 86 percent of complaints from them, and the rest are from Bitola, Kočani, Shtip, Ohrid and Tetovo. Regarding the categorization of complaints from the point of view of consumer counseling, we can conclude that most consumers complain in the product section - noted by OPM.

OPM experts say that complaints about specialist counseling (financial and health services, housing and food) have also increased. It is inevitable to mention the problems with the services from the financial companies, mostly about the high costs and the amount of interest for quick loans, and problems also arose with the collection of interest and commissions in the banks. As for food, consumers were faced with buying expired food products, products with a different weight than the one indicated on the package, high prices of food products and products without a declaration. In housing, the most frequent complaints were about management in buildings (managers and owner communities) and collection of common costs. There were also a small number of complaints about the health services, that is, about the poor quality of the services received and the high fees for the performed examinations.

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