How can we not write in the mathematics textbook, when it is intended as a workbook? – asks teacher Bumbaroski

Photo: Gotse Bumbaroski / Facebook

How long will people who have not spent a single day in front of a green board with chalk in hand make decisions in education? - asks the teacher in a primary school from Prilep, Goce Bumbaroski, who is outraged that the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) has banned students from writing in the fourth grade math textbook.

"Last week, we finally received Macedonian language and Mathematics textbooks for grade IV, three months after the beginning of the school year. A day or two later, a letter (information) arrived from the Ministry of Education and Culture that the students were not allowed to write in the mathematics textbook. We have been working without textbooks for three months and after they arrived - we are not allowed to write in them, what an irony..." writes Bumbaroski on Facebook.

He asks why it is not allowed to write, when the textbooks themselves are made in such a way that they require that the solutions to the tasks be written in them.

"Aren't they designed in the form of workbooks where the assigned tasks and activities require, among other things, to be solved in the book itself?" Even the texts of the assignments are directed in that direction. I call on the MES, led by the minister, to reconsider this frivolous decision and withdraw it. I will not abridge my students' right to write in their textbooks. They are for them and they will use them as they should," Bumbaroski writes.

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