How to choose the perfect children's gift?

If you ask parents, almost everyone will be honest and say that their child has too many toys. Regardless of age, every child, when it comes to birthday or New Year gifts, gets different toys that, after a period of "growing out" or losing interest in them, just gather in a pile and create a mess. That is why it is very important to know how to choose the perfect gift for a child, a gift that will be different and will stand the test of time.

Think about age and levelthat of development of the child

Check the background of the gift box - most toys come with age-appropriate tips. Then make your own assessment. Think about the child's character and the trends that are being followed at the moment. Although the child you are buying the gift for is a certain age, it does not mean that he is interested or ready to ride a bicycle or scooter.

Pay attention to the materials from which the gift is made

Always aim for non-plastic gifts made from sustainable materials, free of PVC or toxic chemicals and dyes. For example, buy a piece of clothing made of organic cotton, an eco cup and a plate for eating or a wooden toy.

Give a gift that will be interesting for the child and that will awaken his creativity

Give the child a story, because the gift is not only fun, it should also be useful. DIY activities (do it yourself) that the child will really carefully compose in order to make a certain figure or other final product can be ideal. The gift should encourageе creativity and free play, and can help in strengthening certain qualities and skills.

Be unique

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