How to teach your child to eat vegetables and fruits?


You probably already know all the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, but your child does not want to try them, and you have no strategy. Do not despair, because there are several ways you can help yourself

Do not panic at first, because it is common for children to be nervous - they refuse certain foods or get adequate variety in their diet. Also, your child may have "food neophobia", which is the name for refusing to try new foods. The good thing is that this is a transient condition, as the child grows. And in the meantime, there are a few tricks you can use to change his eating habits.

Be persistent

Sometimes children need to see and get to know new foods several times before trying them. One day they may hate a certain type of food, and the next day they may like it, so keep introducing new foods. If your child does not like carrots and does not even want to try them, offer them again after two or three days. For the 15th time, you will try them.

Be calm

It is a bad idea to force children to eat certain foods. If you insist that they do not get up from the chair until they have eaten the food, you will not achieve the effect. Just calmly offer a variety of foods and one day you will try. Also, be careful what you say in front of him. If he hears you tell his girlfriend that he is a "specific child" because he does not even want to smell a certain type of food, the child will see it as a motivation to continue with his habits.

Make fruits and vegetables fun

Kids will eat vegetables and fruits if they are associated with something fun. Try the following ideas: cut them into funny shapes with the help of cake molds. Play a "rainbow" game - challenge your child how many colorful fruits he can eat in a day, write down the result and attach it to the fridge with a magnet. Decorate sandwiches with fun faces and fruit and vegetable figures. Prepare a healthy smoothie.

Always have fruits and vegetables within easy reach

Keep a plate of freshly washed fruits and vegetables within easy reach and tell your child that he can eat them whenever he wants. Always have chopped fruit on hand in the fridge for a quick, easy and healthy breakfast. Put freshly sliced ​​vegetables in a glass of "snacks" at lunch or dinner - kids love fresh carrots, cucumbers, peppers and broccoli served this way. You can also serve fruits and vegetables with any meal and dessert at any time.

Discard harmful foods

If your children are surrounded by sweets, cakes, chips, they will not want to eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Remember that you are the chef and if you stop buying junk food, the children will stop eating it. Be an example to the children. Do not expect them to eat healthily if they see you doing the opposite.

Involve children in food preparation

Your kids will have fun if they help you chop fruit for the gym, and eventually they will want to try it. Let them choose which fruits or vegetables to prepare food with. Motivate them to choose recipes that contain fruits and vegetables from magazines or from a chef. Go to the market together and choose what to buy. This will surely make them want to try new foods.

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