How to wash them and when to salt them: The biggest mistakes made with mushrooms

Photo: Unsplash

You can use champignons in many dishes, they are very practical, but also cheap. Mushrooms are added to pizza, salads, risotto, you can make an appetizer from them... There are countless possibilities, but it is very important how you prepare them. Many often make mistakes when preparing them, and that's why champignons are not always tasty enough. It's not difficult to make perfect mushrooms, it's just important to pay attention to a few things.

One of the biggest mistakes is that many people want to wash the mushrooms before heat processing them. It's true that mushrooms already have a lot of water in them, and thanks to their texture, they act like sponges. This means they absorb even more water when washed and become soaked. It is much better to simply wipe them with a damp paper towel. Another water mistake that people make is slow-cooking mushrooms at a low temperature. This type of heat treatment causes the mushrooms to release more water than usual, so they become soggy and lose their flavor.

Water is one of the biggest enemies when preparing champignons, but there are some other things you should pay attention to. One of them is not to overcrowd the pan with mushrooms, because then they don't have enough space for the water to evaporate and they will taste worse. Also another important thing is to put enough oil. If you did not put enough, the mushrooms will absorb what is there and will not be able to fry well. And the last but not least trick is to know when to salt the mushrooms. Never add salt to the mushrooms when you put them in the pan, as this also causes the water to evaporate prematurely. If you want to make them perfectly, then salt them when they are done.

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