Golden Tips and Tutorials: How to Choose the Best Ajvar Peppers?

Red peppers - ajvarki/Photo: Unsplash

Traditional Macedonian cuisine cannot be imagined without it Ajvar. Its preparation is also a kind of event that gathers family members, friends and neighbors to join forces, with enjoyment and laughter, to participate in cleaning, grinding and roasting the peppers...

The time for preparing winter food has begun, and these are the tips of experienced housewives that can help you prepare ajvar, pinjur and similar delicacies, which we will be happy to consume in the winter months.

When making zimnica, the most important thing is to choose quality vegetables, and for ajvar the quality of the pepper is decisive.

It is important that it is fresh, and it is best if it is organically grown.

It is true that ajvar can be made from almost any red pepper. However, top-quality ajvar also requires top-quality pepper, with a precisely defined quality and preferably grown in a natural way, as it used to be.

Therefore, it is known that the best ajvar is prepared from old, indigenous Balkan varieties of peppers, and the best among the best is the famous one Court gate. 

Kurtovska Kapia is a pepper with an intense red color, a robust and firm structure, with only two or less often three sides, elongated and pointed at the top. Full of flavor and aroma, this pepper is rich in dry fleshy part, which is very important for quality ajvar. Kurtovska kapija is red, strong and compact. It is characterized by tall growth and hanging fruits. The most used pepper for ajvar.

The length of its fruits usually ranges from 12 to 15 centimeters, and their weight is about 70 grams. The big plus of this variety is the thin skin, so the fruits of this variety are easy to peel.

Kurtovska Kapia is a late variety whose flesh has a sweet taste and a stronger aroma. It is suitable for various processing because the fruits contain a small percentage of water. It is dark green at technological maturity, and distinctly red at physiological maturity.

These are the instructions of experienced housewives and our grandmothers for choosing the right pepper for the best ajvar:

– The pepper must be fully ripe and undamaged.
- The most important thing is that the pepper is fleshy and dry. When placed on the grill/roasting oven, this pepper doesn't "sizzle" and release a lot of liquid, it roasts slowly and retains all the juices and flavors.
- Choose flat peppers that are easily roasted on both sides and are therefore easy to peel.
- If you have the opportunity, choose an organically grown pepper from old varieties whose fruits are usually somewhat smaller, but firmer, the so-called "ajvarki", the best of which is Kurtovska Kapia.


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