A complex of buildings will be built at the former "Alumina", two of them 35 stories high

Photo: Municipality of Karpos

On the site of the former "Alumina" factory, in the Taftalidze neighborhood, the construction of a complex of buildings with different storeys is planned, among which the two highest ones will have 35 floors each, namely with a ground floor and 34 floors. One of them, according to the proposed Detailed Urban Plan, is intended for business premises, while the other will be a residential building. In addition to them, this area will have two 14-story buildings, one ten-story building and two 9-story buildings, all intended for housing.

According to what can be seen in the 3D view attached to the public presentation of the DUP for Gradska quarter 3 06, block 11, published on the website of the Municipality of Karpoš, modern buildings will be built on the space, with green terraces and roofs, and there will be greenery and footpaths between the buildings.

We are talking about a planning scope located between Praška street, 8 Septemvri and Metropolitan Teodosij Gologanov boulevards, as well as the newly designed S6 street. Proposal The DUP is currently undergoing a public survey, which will last until December 15, and on December 12 a public presentation will be held in the premises of the Municipality, where citizens who live in this planning area can submit survey sheets every working day. from 7.30 to 15.30.

Photo: Municipality of Karpos

The citizens' initiative "Fight for Vlae", which in the past two years have been the loudest and most persistent in the fight for humane living in the Municipality of Karposh, reacted to what the proposed DUP offers on its Facebook page.

Most DUPs have hidden data that needs detailed analysis. With some, we have to focus on the plots that have nothing on them to see how much building is planned and whose plot it is. Most often, those DUPs are brought just for those 1-2 buildings that go out of the parameters of the rest of the buildings in the neighborhoods. But we have not seen a plan like this for "Alumina" until now. We complained to other DUPs that they planned little greenery and not enough space for facilities of public interest (kindergartens, schools.). There is not even hidden data in the DUP for Alumina. It is clear what is being done. There are only a handful of 9, 11 and 14 story buildings there. And two monster buildings of 35 floors - comments from the civil association "Fight for Vlae".

According to them, the plan looks like the mayor doesn't care about the municipality, about Taftalidze and the whole city, like he doesn't even care about his reputation.

For the plot near Alumina, they organized participatory focus groups with non-governmental organizations and citizens. And finally what do they suggest for Alumina? Mega buildings of 35 floors. Neither a park nor anything of public interest. For a city quarter in which there are no residents who can complain on the questionnaire because there was a factory there, not homes, and the Municipality does not allow other residents to react nor does it take into account the comments from the e-urbanism tool, 35-storey buildings are planned and are not allows the neighbors to give their opinion - they say from "Borba za Vlae".

From there, they add that north of those 35-story buildings, through a small alley, there are houses and small buildings that have been there for decades and they have no right to complain about the fact that sunlight will be taken away from them.

 This 35-story DUP proposal is not a proposal that councilors would accept. This DUP proposal with 35-storey buildings is a message from the mayor for them and for all residents. The 35-storey buildings in Alumina are the height of greed and disrespect for all residents of Karposh - according to the citizens' group.

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