Where did Grubi find the money for such expensive singers, Majiti wonders

Izet Medziti, the vice president of DUI and leader of the so-called A "fire group" of disaffected officials from the party, today in the show "Topic of the Day" on Sitel, expressed astonishment about how the vice prime minister Artan Grubi found the money to bring extremely expensive singers to last night's party rally in Chair.

With the rally in Chair, DUI wanted to show that it has the support of local voters, at a time when intra-party turbulence is intensifying. The leader also addressed the citizens in Chair Ali Ahmeti.

"It was a concert in Chair, these are expensive singers and I don't understand where he pays them," Mejetti said of Grubi.

He added that although Grubi publicly extended his hand for reconciliation, at the same time officials from the "fire group" were dismissed, and others were forced to resign themselves.

Majiti says he is still the president of the Chair branch and says that to the foreign minister Bujar Osmani, whom Ahmeti recently appointed "coordinator for political issues" of the party in Chair, "they invented a parallel party function for him".

- There is no coordinator for political issues in Chair. There is no such function in the statute of DUI, dualism and a split in the branch is created, according to Majiti.

He also criticized Gruby's focus on building the Corridors 8 and 10 highways with the American-Turkish consortium Bechtel and Enka. Mejetti says he set his sights there because he was not successful in any other field.

- They cannot go out to Blace, they returned again, they forgot the retaining wall. They wanted to brag about roads, but how can we trust them when 14 kilometers can't be done in three years.

Corridor 8 opens a perspective, we are not against it, but it will not continue in Albania and will serve to make it easier to go only to Struga, but I am not sure that we will continue further, says Mejiti.

"Bechtel" are in the region, we are not the first to include them and when we appointed a director of JPDP and this one having nothing else to deal with, no proposals for laws, and moved to that area with Corridor 8. He will have my support , but I can't close my eyes to all these factors, even though every day there is an affair for the surveillance company, which connects me with companies with Russian, Chinese capital and with a lower body, he added.

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