Katsarska is surprised by the speed with which the amendments to the criminal code were adopted

Dobrila Katsarska, President of the Constitutional Court/Photo: Sloboden pechat

"I am surprised how the amendments to the Criminal Code were adopted, I am even more surprised that the opposition did not block them," said Dobrila Katsarska, the president of the Constitutional Court, in the show "Click Plus" on TV21. One of the topics was the changes in the Criminal Code, and Katsarska said that she was surprised by how quickly the changes were made.

"From the point of view of how the names of the criminal code were adopted, I was really surprised. In one day, the Commission's hearing was held, and suddenly it was put to a vote, and I was even more surprised that the opposition did not block the Law. "Where the politicians agree, or it suits them, there is no blockade, but where they want to block, they can block the whole country," commented Katsarska.

A few days ago, the professor and academician Vlado Kambovski stated that while the working group he is the head of has been working together with the OSCE for three and a half years on a new criminal law that should enter parliamentary procedure in October, the parliament passed changes to the existing code overnight. According to Kambovski, the latest changes represent an intrusion into the criminal justice system.

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