PHI University Clinic for Surgical Diseases "St. Naum Ohridski" provided a new modern surgery chair, a donation from the Cadastre

Specialists from PHI - University Clinic for Surgical Diseases "St. Naum Ohridski" - Skopje, from today some of the surgical interventions will be performed on a new operating chair, a medical device of the latest generation. With this device, the quality of surgical interventions will increase, the work of doctors will be facilitated, and of course, what is most important, the patients will have multiple benefits.

Being a socially responsible institution is a virtue worthy of the deepest respect! Therefore, we send special thanks from all the employees of the clinic, and on behalf of the patients to the Real Estate Cadastre Agency, which as a socially responsible institution heard our pleas for the necessity of this type of medical device and provided funds for its purchase, say The clinic.

PHI - University Clinic for Surgical Diseases "St. Naum Ohridski" - Skopje will continue its efforts to ensure the further change of dilapidated devices and instruments, all in the interest of a better health service for patients.

We are sure that more socially responsible companies will respond to our appeal, as the Real Estate Cadastre Agency responded to our request. Therefore, improving the quality of the necessary devices that are outdated and barely usable means a direct improvement in patient care, that is, the possibility that the necessary intervention can be performed much more appropriately and precisely. Life is like porcelain fragile and we can never know if we or a loved one will become a patient and need this kind of treatment. Therefore, for the benefit of all, in the interest of patients, PHI - University Clinic for Surgical Diseases "St. Naum Ohridski" will continue its efforts to modernize its work, provide new, more sophisticated devices and replace worn-out, old, medical equipment for work, they say from there.

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