South Africa Invites Putin to BRICS Summit, Despite Hague Court Arrest Warrant

Putin and the South African leader and ally of Moscow, Cyril Ramaphosa / Photo: EPA-EFE/SERGEI CHIRIKOV / POOL

The Russian president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been summoned to the BRICS summit in South Africa, despite a warrant for his arrest issued by the International Criminal Court, South Africa's foreign minister said. Naledi Pandora.

According to her, the Russian leader is expected to participate in the summit, which will be held in August, although the ICC warrant is "a reason for some concern".

"In the past, I repeatedly pointed out the double standards in world problems. "There are many other countries that are involved in conflicts, but none of them have been interesting to the ICC so far," she said.

BRICS is a group of five world-growing economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Republic of South Africa.

The Hague Court last week issued an arrest warrant for the Russian president, who is suspected of organizing the mass kidnapping of Ukrainian children from the occupied territories and their deportation to Russia.

South Africa will be put to the test with the Hague warrant for Putin: The country is bound to arrest him if he comes to the BRICS summit

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