PE "Tetovo Transport" operates with big losses, city buses run half-empty

Photo: Free Press

The public enterprise "Tetovo Transport" has been surviving for more than two years after it was established with financial assistance from the municipal treasury. At the last session of the Council of the Municipality of Tetovo, a decision was made to subsidize the company with 4 million denars, as much as it was in loss during 2022.

The public company "Tetovo Transport" will be subsidized until it stands on "healthy legs", it will not be allowed to go out of business, because as they said from the Municipality of Tetovo, public transport is important for the citizens and they should use it as much as possible, for to have a cleaner environment.

Besart Durmishi president of the Tetovo Municipality Council, says that they are working on a special plan program for the financial stabilization of the company, which includes points for a freer flow of buses through the streets of Tetovo. In the meantime, a campaign will be launched on the benefits of using public transport.

"The municipality subsidized PE "Tetovo Transport", because public transport operates at a loss. It is very important for the citizens for a cleaner living environment and in order to meet the citizens and to motivate the citizens to use public transport as much as possible, we as a municipality, even in times of price increases, decided not to increase the price of the ticket. For public transport to operate with a positive balance, one ticket should be worth 100 denars. That's why we decided to subsidize the company, and not to increase the price of the ticket. Other lines will be introduced to Saraqino, Falishe, Bozovce and to Veshala, but now we only have 5 buses, we need more means of transport, so that there are also up to there lines. We are working on the financial stabilization of the company, and we will start with a campaign to motivate citizens to use public transport as much as possible, said Besart Durmishi, president of the Tetovo Municipality Council.

But the buses, except for the students, are rarely used. The residents of Tetovo say that they go around the city either by bicycle or on foot, because the traffic chaos hinders the normal flow of vehicles, especially the city buses.

Photo: Free Press

"Traffic order must be created, and then public transportation must be used. There are bus depots throughout the city where city buses stop for passengers to get off and board new ones, but there are cars parked there, so there is often a long wait for the bus to stop. Another problem is that there is not a good flow of traffic, so often you would reach a destination faster on foot than by bus," says one aunt.

Photo: Free Press

For ten years, city authorities have been announcing efficient transportation for citizens. The five city buses were launched two years ago. The municipality paid 720 euros for them, but instead of being on the roads, they were garaged for 000 months, with the rationale that conditions should be created for them to start transporting passengers.

In the summer of 2021, public transportation started free of charge, with several lines and with major problems. Due to the traffic chaos for the 5 kilometers traveled, the bus took up to 40 minutes on average.

When the new local government came to power in the autumn, it decided to suspend public transportation for a certain period, because as they said, the company was working without control, the workers were without contributions and instead of the company, they were managed as part of the employees of the Municipality of Tetovo.

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