PE "Parks and Greenery": Trees that are dry and pose a danger to visitors to the City Park are removed

epa07102184 People enjoy a sunny autumn day in the city park in Skopje, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 18 October 2018. EPA-EFE / GEORGI LICOVSKI

The trees to be removed are completely dry and are in danger of falling and causing property or other damage, and those for pruning have dry branches that are a danger to park visitors.

PE "Parks and Greenery" say that an action is being taken to remove and prune dry trees and branches in the second part of the City Park, after a video was published showing that the company's crews were cutting down healthy trees in the park.

- The trees to be removed are completely dry and there is a danger that they will fall and cause material or other damage, and those that are to be pruned have dry branches that are a danger to park visitors. Apart from the fact that these trees are dry and beyond their physiological maturity, they pose a risk for the spread of fungi and insects that can be transmitted to the surrounding vegetation, according to a statement from PE "Parks and Greenery".

The company announced that the action will continue during the next week.

VIDEO: Trees were cut in the City Park in Skopje this morning without notice


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