JP Drisla faces a fine of 120 euros and 6 euros for the manager, for pollution of Markova Reka

Drisla Landfill / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Metodij Zdravev

The State Environmental Inspectorate (SIE) will file a request to initiate misdemeanor proceedings against the legal entity JPDKO Drisla Skopje and against the manager, before the Basic Criminal Court in Skopje due to the refusal to sign the Memorandum of Agreement by the director of the Public Enterprise for the Disposal of Municipal Waste Drisla Skopje, after the extraordinary supervision.

The imposed sentence follows the extraordinary supervision of the Inspectorate on 04.09.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX, following a report by citizens from the village of Batintsi, for the pollution of Markova Reka in the morning hours.

Photo: Prince Screen/Facebook

During the extraordinary surveillance, it was visually established that there is pollution of the Markova Reka with a dark brown liquid, but during the surveillance, no smell was felt.

According to the DIŽS, on the same day, the accredited environmental laboratory EUROMAK CONTROL Skopje took samples from three places for water analysis from Markova Reka, as well as one additional sample submitted by citizens from Batinci.

The findings of the visual surveillance and the results of the accredited laboratory that analyzed the samples, determined concentrations of polluting substances above the permitted limit values ​​and they originate from the discharge from the landfill.

Environmental protection is one of the top priorities of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia and we support every action aimed at protecting nature and the lives of our citizens. Our firm determination is the application of European standards in all spheres of society, including the environment, as evidenced by our action with specific activities in the direction of enabling a clean environment and preserving the natural ecosystem. "Sloboden Pechat" has been following the events with Drisla and Markova Reka from the very beginning. Residents of the village claimed that water is constantly being released from the landfill into the river and that there is constant pollution.

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