Joveva: The recommendations addressed to the EU institutions and to our country will be implemented quickly

The representatives of the two delegations - participants in the EU-Republic of Northern Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee, are satisfied with the work done and with the adopted recommendations that will be sent to the competent institutions in the country and the EU, MIA reports.

MP Sonja Mirakovska, who is co-chair of the Joint Parliamentary Committee, is satisfied with the debate and believes that the recommendations will be implemented quickly.

- ИWe had a really constructive dialogue based on which we made recommendations that are great for us. The friendship of the colleagues from the EP and their desire to start the negotiations as soon as possible was felt and this is reflected in the recommendations. We believe that these recommendations addressed to the EU institutions and the Republic of Northern Macedonia will be implemented quickly, said Mirakovska.

Slovenian MEP Irena Joveva, who is the Vice President of the EP Delegation for Relations with the Republic of Northern Macedonia and who is of Macedonian origin, welcomed the members of the parliamentary delegation in Macedonian, which was one of the official languages ​​of the Joint Committee with a special booth of interpreters, together with the other official languages ​​of the EU member states.

- I hope we will continue next time in Skopje. At the beginning I said that I hope that when the future EU-Republic of Northern Macedonia Joint Committee is held, Northern Macedonia will already be a country that has started the negotiations for EU membership, said Joveva.

The next Joint Committee is to be held in Northern Macedonia. 

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