Jovanovski: Only three laps to enter the final in the 25 meters were missing

Nakovska Bikova will have her last performance in Tokyo on September 4 / Photo: Macedonian Paralympic Committee

The selector of the Macedonian Paralympic team and President of the Paralympic Committee of Macedonia, Branimir Jovanovski analyzed the second of three performances of Nakovska-Bikova at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

As is already known, at the Olympic shooting range in Asaka our representative won the ninth place in the SH1 pistol discipline at 25 meters.

- On 02.09.2021 the program was the discipline P3-Sport pistol 25m. After the first 30 shots in the precision part with 290 laps, Olivera was second with 30 shooters in the competition.

After 30 shots in the fast part of the discipline with 274 laps, ie 564 laps in total, Olivera Nakovska Bikova found herself one step closer to the grand final from which she was separated by only 3 laps, winning the final ninth place.

Congratulations to Olivera, let's move on, on 4.09.2021 the last discipline P4-Small-caliber pistol was shot free choice - wrote Jovanovski.

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