Jovana Jeremic revealed at what age she lost her virginity: Her answer surprised everyone

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The host of the morning program on TV Pink, Jovana Jeremic, in the show "Amiji Show" she answered intimate questions.


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Jovana answered a difficult question that many would not dare to answer. Jeremic was asked when she lost her virginity, which caused a real shock in the studio. The guests couldn't believe what they were hearing, so they asked her several times if it was true.

 "When did you lose your virginity?" asked the host of the show, Ognjen Amidzic.

"I lost my virginity at the age of 23 and a half. You have to understand, I never lie on TV, I lost my virginity, I don't want to be ashamed like everyone else, ask me Ognjen, feel free to ask me that question. I have nothing to worry about and be ashamed of at 23 and a half. I loved that boy the most, a big salute to him, he was a great gentleman and a king, salute to him," said Jovana.

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