Josipa Lisac commented on the phenomenon of Aleksandra Prijović: There is no room for jealousy

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The Aleksandra Prijović phenomenon has been the main topic in the region in recent days. The fact that it managed to sell out even five concerts in Zagreb attracted a lot of attention from fans and celebrities alike. Now and Josipa Lisac announced on this topic.

"Why shouldn't we have our own choice?", she answered the journalist's question about musical guests in Croatia.

"And I have full and sold-out concerts, and others also have full and sold-out concerts, there is no room for jealousy here. I don't want to say anything against that", emphasized the musical diva.

"Especially if there are still people who have paid for tickets, so that's fantastic. Because I know about some concerts for which half tickets are distributed. Is there justice? I don't know. But if you're ready for a concert and can sell it out, great! There is nothing to say. The words here sound silly. When you make a report from the concert, you can see everything", she concluded.

Aleksandra Prijović held her fifth concert in Arena Zagreb and became an absolute record holder. At the fifth concert, as well as at the previous ones, thousands of her fans gathered.
The tickets for the first three concerts were sold in 24 hours, while for the fourth one a little more than 48 hours. And the fifth concert was sold out in just a few days.

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