JO: Gostivarec accused of bodily injury during domestic violence

Family violence. Photo: Free Press Archive

The Basic Public Prosecutor's Office of Gostivar submitted an indictment against a 44-year-old resident of the Gostivar village of Dolna Banjica, who committed the crime of "bodily injury from Article 130 paragraph 2 in connection with paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code" during domestic violence.

As the Public Prosecutor's Office (PO) informs, on May 2, after a previous verbal argument over a mobile phone, the accused met a woman with whom he was in a relationship with his car near the Gostivar hospital. The woman was on foot and refused to get into his vehicle, after which he physically assaulted her, pulled her by the hair and hit her on the head and face with his hands.

"From the blows, the victim fell to the ground, so the accused continued to kick her in the abdomen and ribs, inflicting more physical injuries on her," said JO.

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