Jazbec: I started dealing with books absorbing from my grandfather, in December last year I reached the number of 80 published books

Photo: Free Press

"In December last year, I reached the figure of 80 published books. That means author, co-author, editor, co-editor, translations and reprints, but that means there are 80 books where my name is on the cover. It is a fact, it is, in fact, an achievement. "I started dealing with books by absorbing from my grandfather," he said Ambassador Milan Jazbec, former Slovenian ambassador to our country in an interview with "Sloboden Pechat".

He added that in the middle of his Turkish mandate, 2012-2013, he realized that he writes books very easily and that he goes very fast.

"That's when I started planning to deal with it: which books I can write about diplomacy, literature, etc., which translations, and then when I came to the then Republic of Macedonia in September 2016, I came with 37 books in six or seven languages."

He indicated that after four years he went to Ljubljana with 65 published books in 17 languages.

"It tells what the society is like here, what the inspirations are, what the motivation is here. If a person understands that, especially a foreigner, a diplomat who is in some kind of formal environment, and if he accepts it and starts working further," Jazbec concluded.

You can watch the entire interview with Jazbec at the following link:

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