'I'm the older woman who took Prince Harry's virginity': Sasha Walpole reveals sex lasted five minutes

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Prince Harry wrote in his memoirs that his first sexual experience was with an older woman who treated him like a young stallion. The Duke of Sussex did not reveal the woman's name in the "Spare" (Spare), but she herself came forward to the media to tell her side of the story.

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Sasha Walpole (40) is the woman with whom Prince Harry lost his virginity in 2001. She had known Harry since childhood, when she looked after the horses at King Charles' estate in Gloucestershire, writing Daily Mail.

"It was a passionate encounter between two drunken and reckless acquaintances who left the pub to smoke a cigarette and ended up climbing over the fence to make love in the meadow, protected by a thick hedge. She revealed to the British media that Harry made the first move, which resulted in their spontaneous sex full of sparks that lasted no longer than 5 minutes.

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That evening, Sasha invited 16-year-old Harry to a pub to celebrate her 19th birthday. At one point they managed to retreat to a nearby meadow to smoke a cigarette and get out of sight of Harry's bodyguards.

"He started kissing me." It was passionate, intense. We both knew what was going to happen. We quickly went from kissing to rolling on the ground. It was a moment, fiery, explosive, between two friends. It was electrifying, especially since we didn't have to do it. He wasn't Prince Harry to me, he was just my friend Harry, with whom things got out of hand. We were naughty, I guess," said Sasha.

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She told the media that they did not plan it and she did not know that he was innocent.

“He seemed to know what he was doing. It was fast, wild, exciting. We were both drunk. "If we weren't under the influence of alcohol, it wouldn't have happened," said Sasha.

In his memoirs, Harry wrote that the passion was short-lived, after which Sasha slapped him on the butt and sent him away. Today, Sasha points out that this description made her laugh.

"I don't mind him saying that because it wasn't very grand, was it?" We were drunk and we had sex in the field," she said, and then she remembered that she actually slapped Harry with her hand after their five-minute intercourse.


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"It's his sense of humor." We were actually in the field, where the horses stay, so he interpreted it in a humorous way. His description is accurate, I was shocked to see how honest he is. I am not offended. It was truly a moment of passion," concluded Sasha.

Today, Sasha is a mother of 2 children who works as a construction machine operator.

You can watch the whole video HERE.


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