The Japanese prime minister fired his own son from the civil service after a bizarre scandal broke out

Fumio Kishida / Photo EPA-EFE / NEIL HALL / POOL POOL

The son of the Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will resign from the position of assistant to the prime minister, Kishida said today, after photos of his son and other relatives pretending to hold a press conference in the state administration building at the residence caused public outrage.

Kishida said Shotaro Kishida would step down as secretary on Thursday, saying the change was due to "inappropriate" behavior at the official residence.

Last week, the Japanese media published photos of Shotaro Kishida and other relatives of the prime minister pretending to hold a conference from the pulpit behind which the prime minister usually stands, Reuters reports.

"His behavior in public was unbecoming of someone in an official position as an aide. "I decided it was my responsibility to change him," said Kishida.

Seiji Osaka, a lawmaker from Japan's main opposition party, said the change came too late.

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