Japan: $ 2021 billion in additional budget for 163 to fight coronavirus

The new variant of the coronavirus Omicron will be dominant at the beginning of 2022 / Photo: EPA-EFE / JIJI

The Japanese government has adopted an additional budget for fiscal year 2021, which includes some financial assistance to fight the pandemic, disaster preparedness and tourism.

The additional budget for 2021 is 36 trillion yen ($ 314 billion), Anatolia reported.

The additional budget for the fight against coronavirus will allocate 163 billion dollars.

In addition, $ 72 billion will be set aside for programs called "New Capitalism" promised by the government before the election, and $ 26 billion will be spent on disaster relief, including upgrading the equipment of relevant units of the Japanese Defense Forces (SDF). .

$ 15,5 billion is earmarked to boost economic activity, including domestic tourism.

Source: MIA

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