Jankuloska jogs and reads books in prison, she sees her son only three hours a month, her husband reveals

Former Minister of Interior Gordana Jankuloska, who has been sentenced to prison, is in excellent psychophysical condition and is handling all the harassment and discrimination with dignity and stoicism," said her husband, the lawyer Vlatko Ilievski, in tonight's guest appearance in "360 degrees" on "Alsat".

Jankuloska was sentenced to four years in prison for the "Tank" case. Her husband says that in "Idrizovo" prison she jogs every day and eats healthy, so there is no room for concern in that aspect. But Ilievski says that as a family they only have the opportunity to see each other three times a month for an hour, which means that Jankuloska sees his four-year-old son only three hours a month.

"My mother at the age of 75 had to step in, practically she moved in with us and plays the role of mother. I have to greet and thank the educators and teachers in the kindergarten where he goes, they accepted him as their own child and aware of what he lacks in life, they also try, in one way or another, to compensate him for that with the care they give him in kindergarten. So, we manage," says Ilievski.

Jankuloska in "Idrizovo" is placed in a room opposite the one in which Katica Janeva, the former head of the Special Public Prosecutor's Office (SPO), which filed the charges against the former minister, is serving her sentence. As Ilievski said, they communicate, but mostly for daily needs, not in relation to the accusations.

The husband of the former minister, when asked if she feels remorse for being part of a system that the EU called a "captive state" and that she remained a loyal collaborator of Nikola Gruevski, says that she "has a feeling of regret that she didn't leave politics sooner, because she could have channeled the effort and time she spent on the ministry she was managing and her involvement in the party into other things that she would be more comfortable with today, a more beautiful and comfortable life."

Ilievski says that from today's point of view it is much easier to assess what the situation was then, but he adds that when you are "in the machine", with huge problems on a daily basis, you cannot see the whole picture and withdraw from politics when such a step is necessary.

"If we are realistic and honest, from those conversations that were released to the public at Zaev's famous press conferences, it can be said that only Gordana Jankuloska and Zoran Stavreski are the voice of reason," Ilievski said.

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