Noose around the neck of Macedonia

Radev is the most serious political figure in our eastern neighbor. Known for his rigid, anti-Macedonian, anti-civilization attitudes towards Macedonia and towards Macedonian performance attributes (language, identity, beat), this being will be a serious danger for the state-legal development of our suffering country in the next few years on the European level.

I am very sick when I see the latest "development" of the events surrounding the complicated Macedonian-Bulgarian relations after the beating of the young man from Ohrid, after the newly opened secretary of the newly opened Bulgarian club in Macedonia "Tsar Boris the Third", from the so-called Macedonian Bulgarians here. Why do I say so-called? Well, because all of them, almost without exception, before they recognized themselves as native Bulgarians, idolaters of Sofia and mother Bulgaria, they were hardened ancient Macedonians in Gruevski's pro-Serbian oriented VMRO-DPMNE.
Or, at the very least, the openly anti-Bulgarian party of the former prime minister, who under the guise of anti-communism created hatred for Bulgaria and Greece, and built very good relations with the northern neighbor. And tell me now, how can these sins, these wretches, who, if Facebook were still alive, wrote statuses just a few years ago, waved virgin flags with a united Macedonia, shared Gotse Delchev as the greatest Macedonian, today are the greatest Bulgarians? Funny, and they are even funnier. In question are levs or rubles converted into levs, which these unfortunate souls receive from (un)official circles of official and underground Sofia. A man would sell his own mother and brother for money, not his country.
Macedonia is far and wide known for its "sons". But they are not. This young man, whom I do not know, nor do I want to penetrate into his intimate and private life (gambler, dealer, drug addict, etc.), I believe that he (un)consciously entered into a bigger game where very powerful people stand at the top of the pyramid , and he is just one of the tiniest particle-puppet of the system that they have woven around the neck of Macedonia and set the noose, aiming to strangle it. The child, probably more greedy for a few hundred euros a month, accepted this purposeful and artificial role they gave him: Bulgarian by profession!

Radev is a Russian doll on strings!

Let me understand the unfortunate ones, those from Bitola, this one from Ohrid and a number of others who must give an account of the money received from M. Vrabeski through K. Karakachanov as the main courier, but I can't understand the head of state of Bulgaria, i.e. President Rumen Radev, who plays the role of Bulgaria's Putin towards Macedonia, only in a verbal connotation. To him, and especially to lunatics and psychopaths like Kostadinov and Djambaski, I have no doubt that if you give them the opportunity, they would do in Macedonia the same thing that Putin is doing in Ukraine today. The same hatred, the same rhetoric, the same historical complex and frustration that Ukraine and Macedonia are separate, independent states and nations with their own languages, different from Russian, ie Bulgarian.
And, when we are Ukraine, and they (Bulgaria) are Russia, how then are hundreds of thousands of empty-headed Macedonians cheering for Putin and are fed up with the destruction of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people? I would send them all to Negorci. Without exception. Both in Demir Hisar and Bardovci. Or I would wish them with all my heart, with real spiritual joy, to feel the rockets from the east. From Sofia, directly shot by Radev, falling on their heads, homes, families. For Putin fans, I wish that. I'm not kidding.
Let's go back to the cartoon dangerous Russian clown (spy) R. I worked. As the supreme commander, as the first man of the Bulgarian state, in a situation where Bulgaria is struggling for two years in a row to create an executive political government, this man is the most serious political figure among our eastern neighbor. Known for his rigid, anti-Macedonian, anti-civilization attitudes towards Macedonia and Macedonian performance attributes (language, identity, beat), this being will be a serious danger for the state-legal development of our suffering country in the next few years on the European level. Until his mandate ended and another Radev came. Probably worse than the current one.
Remember this from me: all the creatures appearing as "Bulgarians" throughout Macedonia in these few years, the veto, the ultra-Nazi statements of lunatics like Dzambaski and Kostadiniv and the previous ones of the politically dead Krasi Karakachanov, have the same handwriting: Russian. The official Kremlin and Russia will do everything to ensure that Macedonia never enters the European Union, and she, the "whore from Babylon", as the late, brilliant professor Gjorge Marjanovic called her in his columns, is not shaken very, very much. On the contrary, it seems that the Russian opposition to the Macedonian and Western Balkan integration suits it. Until this moment, when Uncle Sam appeared from across the pond and put us and Albania in the fast lane, and it looks like Serbia will be taken off the slow lane, once and for all, if he continues with "Tito's" policy. Both with the West and with the East or neither with the West nor with the East. The time has come, kid. That is, the time has come for the masks to fall, and the worried face of the Serbian "Putin" to say only one thing: that he must choose whether he will go to the East or the West. But let us see our way and our al.

Russia is destroying Macedonia through Serbia and Bulgaria!

As bizarre as it sounds, the equation is this: our northern and our eastern neighbors, for their own national reasons (Serbs for pragmatic reasons, Bulgarians for angry emotional ones), do everything to keep Macedonia as far away from Western alliances as possible. The Serbs do it secretly (underground, with cultural and media propaganda), along with the heavy accidents beyond Osogovo, officially, without hidden gloves, brazenly, with a veto and with Russian landmines. Bulgarian cultural clubs throughout Macedonia. And what is the interest of mother Russia and father Putin in doing this in Macedonia, you would ask me. Nothing in particular. Surely he does not get tired of the Balkans, least of all Macedonia. We are simply a coin for him to change in a wider geopolitical context and region, as a retaliatory step to the interference of the Americans in the Russian sphere of influence (the post-Soviet republics).
It is up to us to make our way to developed, wealthy, functional, orderly, clean and orderly Western societies. Not just moving into them en masse. Let's learn to function like them here in Macedonia. Those who are for Russia, I will subsidize them with a 100 percent one-way ticket in Murmansk, Norilsk and Vladivostok. To see what "beauty" is unseen! And those who live in the West, evicted from here, work and educate children in Western countries and glorify Comrade Putin and mother Russia, and spit on the "rotten and evil" West and America, for them there is a special circle in hell. At the hottest point in Lucifer's cauldron they deserve to spend their days. They are rock bottom!

The author is a political scientist

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