Jakimovski: Next year the children who are not from Karposh will be expelled from kindergarten

Stevcho Jakimovski kindergarten
Collage: Stevco Jakimovski, children in the yard of the oldest Skopje kindergarten "Orce Nikolov" in Karposh 2 / Photo: MIA / EPA-EFE / GEORGI LICOVSKI

I will probably suggest to the Council that these children from other municipalities stay with us until June 1, 2022. After June 1, we inform the citizens to find where their children will continue to be accommodated, because we must provide space for children from The Municipality of Karpos, said yesterday the Mayor of Karpos, Stevcho Jakimovski in the morning show on Alpha TV.

Jakimovski explained that the municipal budget has been reduced from 11,5 to 5,5 million euros and that next year will be a year of, as he said, financial stabilization. He added that the municipality provides 2,5 million euros a year for the salaries of 380 employees.

- If we are left without income, we can not serve the citizens. I am ready to make a certain reduction, there is no logic in not having investments, and to spend the money for salaries. "The better we take an outsourcing company from America, the better it will serve its citizens," he said.

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