Living Your New Youth: Celebs Who Prove The Real Fun Begins In Your 50s

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That age is just a number is also shown by the fact that many women around the world are encouraged to take big steps and change regardless of their age. There are those who have spent most of their lives following strict rules "thanks" to their careers, but have decided it's time to live life their own way.

In the last few weeks of this summer, we often see famous women in their 50s having crazy fun. It's as if they got rid of all the brakes and finally decided to simply enjoy life without any excuse. Years of experience have undoubtedly brought them wisdom, maturity, but also a dose of eccentricity.

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni
Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy / Photo: Independent Photo Agency Srl / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

Although they were never one of the uniformed couples, Carla Bruni and the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy throughout his political career they have been careful about their behavior and the messages they send to the world. But now that that period is far behind them, they have finally given in to their passions, no matter if there are unwanted glances around them. A few days ago, they were photographed on the Spanish island of Formentera exchanging affection on their luxury yacht. The public quickly accepted this relaxed demeanor of the former president, and especially praised 54-year-old Carla Bruni.

The former model and mother of two is a symbol of a woman who knows how to age. Full of good spirit, cheerful, carefree, and at the same time takes care of herself. It looks sensational, mostly because it radiates wherever it appears. The years are only in her favor, and she knows how to enjoy the chapter of life that is only destined for her.

Sharon Stone


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Recently, the actress Sharon Stone has been making a similar impression, who especially surprised with her topless photo, which she recently shared on her official Instagram profile. This 64-year-old Hollywood sensation who conquered the world with her top roles has now shown everyone that she is living her new youth. This attractive blonde had no problem showing her naked body in front of millions on social networks, thus giving a wind at the back of all her peers to get out of their comfort zone.

Cindy Crawford

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There is also the former supermodel Cindy Crawford, who at 57 looks great. Although throughout her youth she dominated and stole sighs on the catwalks, Cindy today enjoys the fruits of her labor and does not hide how beautiful she is. She is currently vacationing at her vacation home in Canada, where one of her famous bikini photos was taken, with which she wowed the world. Crawford is one of the few celebrities who decided to age with dignity, while at the same time taking good care of her appearance. He prefers a healthy life, but not in extremes, he doesn't miss training, so it's no wonder that with a well-trained body he can conquer the catwalks even at the threshold of his 60s.

Jennifer Lopez


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One of the women who really knows how to enjoy life is Jennifer Lopez. Even in her 50s, the Latino diva has no peace, but lives life to the fullest. She recently married her love from her youth, the actor Ben Affleck, he works full time and knows how to take a breather and rest. Her motto is that life begins only in the 40s, and she really proves it to us with her example.

Elizabeth Harley


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The British representative of this category is of course Elizabeth Harley, who at the age of 57 takes her role as ambassador for her own summer clothing line, which she founded in 2005, very seriously. Liz knows what she's got, she knows she's almost unmatched, and she's not shy about showing it. Although she is approaching her sixth decade, she has no intention of stopping. With her life, experience and full days, she is definitely an inspiration to all who fall into the routine of boring retirement.

Perhaps living in a world that traditionally places the young on the throne, these middle-aged ladies know that life is ahead of them, they are in a glorious new phase of freedom. While their younger counterparts are busy building careers, tackling challenges or just starting families, they can finally relax after having previously conquered their industries and help their children grow into wonderful young people.

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