An autopsy has been performed on Floppy the giraffe, the results will show what caused her death

Photo: EPA / Gjorgji Lichovski, the caregiver Trajkovski and the giraffe Floppy died

The reasons for the death of Floppy, the last giraffe in the Skopje zoo, will be known after the results of the autopsy arrive.

The autopsy, as always, is performed by the Veterinary Institute and the results of the autopsy after the samples taken today, we expect them within the legal deadline and they will be immediately available to the public - says Tatjana Gogoska, head of the public relations department at the Zoo.

When asked why the Zoo has so far not issued an official statement about the dead giraffe, at least with an assumption about the reasons for its death, Gogoska explains that during yesterday they were disturbed by the terrible news of the death of their colleague Riste Trajkovski.

The Zoo announced on their official website about yesterday's tragedy.

Riste was a hard worker, a favorite among the animals, and his photographs of his connection with giraffes traveled the world. May your path be bright, rest in peace colleague and condolences to the family from the entire team of Zoo Skopje. To make the tragedy even greater, around 16:XNUMX p.m., we also lost our Floppy – one of the three giraffes that Riste was taking care of. The employees did their best to save him, but despite all the best efforts, Floppy went to the sky together with our Riste - the announcement from the Zoo says, among other things.

There are no longer any giraffes in the Garden, which were a real attraction for visitors. Previously, Casper the giraffe died in May this year, and Tobogo almost three years ago, in January 2021.

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