VIDEO: Mass protests in Israel against the judicial reform tailored after Netanyahu's term

Photo: Twitter

New mass protests of Israeli citizens are taking place tonight against the announced judicial reform supported by the Prime Minister's office Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israelis' discontent culminated in Netanyahu's announcement that he would be actively involved in the implementation of reforms, regardless of the corruption trials being conducted against him.

Because of that, several hundred members of the Army and the various reserve formations announced that they will not report to the calls for duty or have already boycotted the service.

At the protests that are taking place for the twelfth week in a row, new videos are appearing on social networks tonight that say that tonight's protest is one of the biggest in the history of the country

In addition to the mass protests, Prime Minister Netanyahu is also facing criticism for a recent dinner in London at a restaurant during the Jewish Shabbat.

"Netanyahu's hypocrisy knows no bounds," Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid commented on this video.

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