An Israeli association claims it has evidence of systemic and deliberate sexual violence by members of Hamas

IS and Hamas / SP Photo Collage / EPA

The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel announced that it had collected evidence against gunmen, ie members of Hamas, who systematically and deliberately committed sexual crimes during the attacks on October 7. BBC. 

The multi-organization umbrella organization's report describes sexual violence in multiple locations.

They also allegedly included gang-rapes of women carried out collectively or in front of an audience.

Hamas has denied that its gunmen sexually assaulted the women during the attacks.

On October 7, hundreds of the Palestinian armed group infiltrated southern Israel, where they killed around 1.200 people and took 253 others hostage.

Israel responded by launching a military campaign in Gaza that killed 29.300 people, according to Hamas' health ministry.

A report by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (ACCRI) compiles much of what has been reported, as well as other information it says it received directly from professionals and confidential calls.

It found that the October 7 attacks involved "brutal acts of violent rape, often at gunpoint, specifically targeting injured women."

"Many rape incidents occurred collectively, with cooperation between the terrorist perpetrators," the report said. "In some cases, the rape was carried out in front of an audience, such as partners, family or friends, to increase the pain and humiliation for everyone present.

"Some Hamas members chased the victims who fled the massacre, pulling them by the hair while screaming. Most of the victims were then killed during or after the sexual assault."

The report also cites various sources indicating that the bodies of many victims were found mutilated and bound, with their genitals brutally attacked and in some cases weapons inserted into them.

Several survivors of the Nova festival reported cases of gang-rapes, where women were harassed and beaten by Hamas terrorists, who injured and eventually killed them, the report said.


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