The Israeli army has discovered a tunnel connecting parts of central Gaza with the capital

Israeli soldiers in a Hamas tunnel near Erez - EPA photo, Atef Safadi

The Israeli army said it found a ten-kilometer-long tunnel in the north that connects parts of central Gaza with the capital, Gaza City.
The tunnel passes by the Turkish Hospital in the central part and Isra University in Gaza City.

Photos and videos have been released that the military claims show the interior of the tunnel with long corridors, stairs, beds and weapons, among other things.

Soldiers destroyed several buildings on the Isra University campus in January, claiming they were being used by Hamas for military purposes.

Hamas has confirmed that it has built hundreds of kilometers of tunnels across Gaza.

One of the main goals of the Israeli offensive is to destroy a network of tunnels that Israeli leaders say Hamas uses to move fighters from the Islamist group, transport weapons and supplies throughout the territory.

Israel accuses Hamas of using civilians as human shields and has found many underground tunnels under mosques, schools, hospitals and UN facilities.

Some hostages kidnapped in southern Israel on October 7 during a Hamas attack said they were being held in tunnels.

Soldiers have found similar tunnels across Gaza during the nearly five-month war.

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