The Israelis plan to set up ten thousand tents near the town of Rafah

The Rafah border crossing is the only one not under Israeli control/Photo: EPA-EFE/STR

Israeli media reported that Israel intends to set up 10.000 tents near the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah within two weeks in preparation for its army's ground invasion of the city.

Israel's Khan channel reports that an official document it received indicates that Israel will set up 10.000 tents outside Rafah in the next two weeks and that an additional 30.000 tents are currently being procured and will be set up in the area at a later date.

According to the channel, based on the schedule (for erecting these tents), it can be said that the road to the evacuation of residents from Rafah is still very long.

Israel, according to officials, is insisting on an invasion of Rafah, which it claims is the last stronghold of the Hamas-linked al-Qassam Brigades, despite growing international warnings about the devastating consequences of the attack and the presence of some 1,4 million displaced people. people in that city.

During the war, Israel forced most Palestinians from the northern and central Gaza Strip to flee to the city of Rafah, which is located on the border with Egypt.

The Khan channel reported that earlier this week, the Israeli army had intended to drop leaflets from the air in Rafah urging its population to evacuate, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided at the last minute to postpone the move and inform the minister for the military cabinet for the decision, according to the same source.

The channel linked Netanyahu's delay in Rafah's ground invasion to his desire to get full US support for the Iranian attack, which launched hundreds of missiles and drones at Israel on Saturday night.

The channel recalled that the United States, as is known, strongly opposes the planned Israeli operation in Rafah.

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