Israel says it is ready to continue the war, "we are using the ceasefire to learn and strengthen our forces"

Israeli army/ Photo: EPA-EFE/ABIR SULTAN

The Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army (IDF), Lt. Col. Herzi Halevi, said today that the army is now ready to continue fighting in Gaza and referred to possible failures of the intelligence service that enabled the attack by Hamas on October 7, writes "Times of Israel".

"Today, the IDF is ready to continue fighting. We are using the ceasefire to learn, build readiness and approve operational plans for the duration of the ceasefire," Halevi said.

He added that the army is preparing to eliminate Hamas, but that this is a goal that takes time. Halevi assessed that the Israeli operations in Gaza are fully justified and added that the release of the hostages is a confirmation of the success of the army's actions, which will not stop until all the hostages are released.

Commenting on allegations that high-ranking soldiers ignored warnings from their subordinates before the Hamas attack, the lieutenant said everything would be investigated after the conflict ended and that every officer would be questioned.

"The IDF, including the Directorate of Military Intelligence, failed on October 7. There will be a detailed investigation, but right now we have to focus on the war," Halevi concluded.

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