Israel: More and more patients are infected with covid-19 for the third time


Israel's Ministry of Health said today that the number of people infected with covid-19 for the third time is increasing and that this is expected to continue.

By December 2021, only 12 people had contracted the coronavirus for the third time, and by the end of June this year, that number had reached 992, Israeli media reported.

Health experts believe that one of the main reasons for the third infection is the fact that most Israelis no longer worry about getting infected and do not wear masks.

"The vaccine still provides good protection, but in at-risk populations, vaccination and recovery from the disease do not provide XNUMX percent protection," said Ilana Gans, head of the ministry's public health services department.

In the first waves, Covid-19 was treated like most infectious diseases, and a person who recovered was considered almost completely protected from infection, she explained.

In the current wave, 10 to 15 percent of confirmed cases have been reinfected, and the number of cases is rising for a third time.

Source: MIA

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