Amendments to the Constitution should be resolved with courage, says Nano Ruzhin

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Amendments to the Constitution must be tackled with courage, led in a statement for "Frontline", Nano Ruzhin - former ambassador of Macedonia to NATO.

"At certain historical moments, one must think Europeanly, one must think above all with the primacy of the national interest, that is, the civil interest. You can always refer to people who are European, but are not in favor of constitutional changes, because they were supposedly afraid that Europe does not provide guarantees. And what should we do? Let's do nothing! I think that the modern politician should be brave and not look for certain excuses, that since we have no guarantees we are against changing the constitution. On the contrary, in these strategic moments one must be exclusively brave, even if other conditions are imposed on us. Better that, or better to stay on the same point. "I am convinced that no conditions will be imposed on us because it was given to us orally as a guarantee by the main European leaders," says Ruzhin.

According to him, what Mickoski is asking for and refers to constitutional amendments, " a question that has been sent verbally and in writing by official representatives of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen was here, the same is written in the documents that arrived."

"Actually, the constitutional amendments are part of the negotiations that should begin, they are not included in the framework, but are a prerequisite for the beginning of the framework of negotiations. On the other hand, the negotiating framework is a purely European issue. Of course, there is politicization here, Mickoski himself uses it in the direction of his own ambitions to come to power, that is, to enter the government, to hold early parliamentary elections, etc. But we must not forget that he is in a very difficult position because he constantly says on the one hand that there will be no vote on changes to the constitution, and on the other hand he is still negotiating, discussing... It should not be forgotten that he is also under great pressure from the international community, primarily the USA and the EU, says the former ambassador.

He adds that in such frameworks, "the biggest disease is populist politics, inciting the people for Bulgarianization-type topics, that we will become Bulgarians and, we will lose our identity, we will lose Macedonia."

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