The exhibition "Secret Passage to the Moon" by Vane Kosturanov is set up in the gallery "Metanoia"

Invitation to the opening of the exhibition

In the "Metanoja" gallery in Skopje, in cooperation with the Balkan Institute for Faith and Culture, on November 28, at 18 p.m., the exhibition "Secret Passage to the Moon" by Vane Kosturanov will be opened.

The opening of the exhibition will be addressed by the reviewer Dr. Kosta Milkov, the director of the "Metanoia" gallery, Nada Milkova, M.Sc., and the author of the works, Vane Kosturanov.

– The final work of art is completed through "techne" and "logos" not in the sense of the modern composite "technology", but in the sense of existential phenomenology. These two concepts are inevitably connected at the level of the ratio between the artistic (τέχνη) and the verbal (λόγος). The process of creative conceptualization with paint and brush and mental conceptualization with words and pen enable the articulation of what is generically termed spiritual. At the same time, "techne" represents aesthetic reflexivity, and "logos" expresses contemplative poetics. Kosturanov's houses, trees, paths, the Sun and the Moon are artistic poetry - points out reviewer Dr. Kosta Milkov.

The exhibition "Secret Passage to the Moon" by Vane Kosturanov in the gallery "Metanoia" will last until the end of January 2024.

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